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  From Randy Seale

 My name is Randy Seale and I first want to express my heartfelt condolences as well as my wife Sharon’s, to Gene’s family.

 I first met Gene at one of his first A. A. meetings, It was at the Monday night Men’s Meeting at Jack’s Restaurant (later Flames) on Hillsdale near Camden.

 I had come into A. A in April of ’82, about nine months before Gene, and regularly attended that meeting. In a short time we discovered that we had a lot in common. First, we both had family roots in Texas. That was a big deal to us both. Next, we had both played football from an early age, he into college and me into high school. For those unaware, full contact tackle football with pads and uniforms and cheerleaders starts in 5th grade elementary school in Texas. By the time you get to try out in high school most boys had 4 or 5 years of experience.

 Gene and I talked a lot about football and his exploits in high school and college. Gene loved football and was passionate and opinioned about it. Sit down with Gene and a cup of coffee and he would dissect a team, its offense, defense, coach, play calling, quarterback proficiency, running backs speed and power.

 Those who did this with Gene know of what I speak. But truth is that Gene was also passionate about hockey, basketball, baseball and golf. Any competitive sport brought out his passion and his deep knowledge of the sport under discussion. We found commonality in our military experience. He was career Air Force, an officer. I was an enlisted U.S. Marine with parents who both were Naval Officers in World War II. We both had the recent experience of the Viet Nam War. In his early years after retirement Gene was ready to comment on every aspect of military effectiveness, leadership, and decision making. His opinions were not always positive and he had deep empathy for those injured in their service.

 After a couple of years in A. A., Gene parted ways with his first A. A. sponsor and got aligned with Jack H. as a sponsor. Jack was sponsored by Al E., who was my sponsor. And so, our lineage in A. A. became a common bond allowing us to share our “inventories” of our sponsors. Gene was noticeable in A. A. – whether laughing in that high pitched laugh of his or raising his voice to make a point or share an opinion. Before or after a meeting he seemed to always have a game to discuss be it football, hockey, basketball, or baseball. Depending on the season and weather, he was constantly scheduling games to go to in person, or golf matches, or regaling those around with tales of some drive, or chip shot or putt in a recent game.

 He really enjoyed telling a story.


  From Ollie H.

 Gene was a character and I loved listening to his stories about football, his dad or his old bartender- Poz.

 He told Scotty B. & I in about '89 when we met at the End of the Line Meeting that " he spilled more than we drank & we weren't done".

 He was right about that. Scotty and I laughed and had to do more "research."

 He will be missed and he and Iron Mike can pal around together again, I know he missed him.

From Doug Higgins:

 It's been a real privilege and an honor to create this Memorial Site for my friend  Gene Marshall. If you haven't done so already, I'd like to encourage you to watch the Memorial Videos. Gene's humility and honesty come through loud and clear.

 Gene was an excellent example of living a sober, spiritual and principled life.

 What stands out in my mind was how quick this man was to not only listen but to acknowledge what he appreciated about his brothers and sisters in recovery. This was a  very unusual quality that I was slow to emulate.

Gene, thank you for being an excellent example to me and so many others.


From Steve M

 Rest In Peace Colonel. Many stories shared at the at 400 West and the Think Tank. You impacted me in a positive way and although gone you will not be forgotten.





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